How it Works : AuraWave™ Fights Pain

The AURAWAVE was developed based on the physics, bionics, electro biology, Chinese classical medicine and modern micro electronic technology. You will be more than pleased with this state-of-the-art device.

The AURAWAVE offers 10 different modes that generates electrical impulses and effectively transfers your desired choice of these pre- programmed electrical impulses directly through the electrode adhesive pads to the suggested area of the body where the electrodes are placed.

The AURAWAVE is very user friendly with a large liquid crystal display (LCD) screen that displays the mode in use, a count down timer, and a human body outline that displays black dots suggesting electrode pad placement locations for each chosen mode. The on/off dial also controls the intensity level and is located on the right side of the device and is cleverly designed to be partially hidden to prevent accidental intensity adjustment. There is a clear view plastic window on the front to view the chosen intensity level setting. A blue light illuminates the LCD screen for safe operation in low light conditions.

In addition to Pain Relief, the AuraWave™ works other powerful ways:

Active Muscle Toning – Through electronic pulses similar to those produced by the brain to stimulate muscle tissue during active exercise, the AuraWave™ can deliver a vigorous work-out to improve muscle tone and performance.

Stress Relief – The AuraWave™ offers preprogrammed modes designed to simulate a soothing massage at the muscle-tissue level, promoting stress relief and general relaxation.

The AuraWave™ Ideal Treatment Areas

The AuraWave™ is the first FDA-cleared Class II medical device available without a prescription for treating pain in the lower back and extremities with TENS technology.

Operating Instructions


TENS should not be used by any person who is fitted with a cardiac pacemaker or suffers from epilepsy.